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Growing Up…

Growing up I was what you could call an “extreme” kid. The world was black and white, and I learned through first-hand experience and mistakes. At 3 years old I told my parents I would go to the Olympics someday. Thus started my path in sport. 

I grew up playing hockey, and practically every sport there is for that matter. Often playing with the boys, I had my fair share of teasing on the schoolyard. Let’s just say, I’ve always been doing my own thing. 

Pro Snowboarder.

Snowboarding was the first sport that truly challenged me. I sucked. So it was a huge surprise to my parents when I announced I was going to give up my hockey dreams in pursuit of becoming a professional snowboarder. In 2010 it was announced that Slopestyle Snowboarding would be an Olympic event. That became my “ultimate goal” and the next year I was named to the Junior National Snowboard Team. In 2012, I placed 9th at the Junior World Championships, and was well on my way to my goal. Unfortunately, the next 3 years had their ups and downs. During an Olympic qualifying event I literally blew up my heel on a flat landing. During the Olympics I sat on my couch watching the events on TV with a separated shoulder. I was constantly injured, leaving my body unable to compete or train at the level I expected of myself. Sometimes, my injuries left me unable to do anything else – like study (I was pursuing my University Degree in Business Management while on the National Snowboard Team), focus, or even walk. In 2016, I made the tough decision to walk away from the sport that made me who I am.


After I called it quits on my snowboard career, I, like many former athletes, suffered an identity crisis. Who am I now? What am I doing? Will people still like me?

That Summer I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. After talks with my friends, family, therapist, random strangers… I realized I needed to do something. I had no purpose, no vision, and no clue what came next. So, what did I do? I scratched up all the savings I had and booked a trip to Bali. 

On my 1st day there I crashed my motorbike. On day 2 my bike keys were ripped from my neck while being flipped underwater by a wave. On day 3 I got lost at night in the middle of nowhere. Despite events that could have been taken as stressors, I approached everything as an adventure and a story to be told. My month in Bali was the best month of my life, and I came back refreshed and ready to go All In on this new stage of my life.

Crossfit Athlete.

After snowboarding, I knew my athletic career was not over, but perhaps needed some refocusing. During my last season, I had taken up Crossfit as a form of cross-training. After snowboarding, it was to no surprise to my closest friends and family that I threw myself into Crossfit soon after. What drew me to the sport of Crossfit is that it’s pure hard work. There’s no luck, judging, politics over money… it’s straight up hard work.


As most kids growing up, adults often asked me what I wanted to “become” when I grew up. Although the answer often changed, I eventually landed on two. Pro athlete, and successful entrepreneur. This left my parents worried about the lack of “realistic backup plan” but I knew I had to go All In to achieve my dreams. I ran several small businesses and “side hustles” on my own and with my family from the age of 12 and onwards, which taught me valuable lessons and experience. 

Early in my snowboard career I worked summer jobs to pay for my coaching, travel, and equipment. I took anything I could get, even working as a janitor! I knew there had to be a better way, and I started freelancing as a social media manager. This allowed me to work remotely all year, while training year round on my own schedule.

After snowboarding, I decided to officially launch 93 Agency, to better serve existing and new clients. 93 Agency specializes in social media management, digital marketing, and content creation for small and medium businesses.

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